Listen: London’s Ebbb Share Debut Double Single ‘Himmel’ / ‘Swarm’ and Announce Debut EP via Ninja Tune

Newcomers Ebbb share debut single ‘Himmel’ / ‘Swarm’ via Ninja Tune and announce ‘All At once’ EP

Emerging last year with an influx of live shows across London’s grassroots circuit,  a new project enigmatically called Ebbb – comprising three sons of glitches hitherto plying their trade in bands like Kyoto Kyoto, Butch Kassidy, Enter Laughing and For Breakfast – almost immediately started turning heads with an idiosyncratic yet spell-blinding blend of choric melody and severe rave ecstasy. And less than a year later, they find themselves on UK/EU-wide festival bills, playing shows with Folly Group, PVA, mary in the junkyard, SCALER and, err… The Smile(?!?!), and signing to the same label as Black Country, New Road. Reticient to show their faces online, it’s all remained a closely guarded word-of-mouth industry secret, until now…

Whilst their king-making live-show is mostly spent frazzling minds with supersonic, glitching pandaemonium, the Ebbb that’s at last revealed itself on record resonates with a refined elegance of a world of its own. Sounding like a 30-foot stained glass window that has been shattered then transmuted into achingly beautiful-yet-cruelly-transient skeins of experimental electronic sound, these debut cuts are so gushingly pretty that it almost feels sinful to experience; it’s as if this music belongs to divinities on high and is toxic to our puny mortal flesh.

Leading the line is ‘Himmel’ –  Will Rowland’s vocal is so dazzlingly gorgeous that even the sun is forced to blink. And then its companion ‘Swarm’ floats and a-flutters a la Ladytron before grounding itself in an intoxicating techno ambience – like what the winged cherubs would rave to after a hard week spent administering poisonous love.

Photo by Vasilisa Skasca

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