Listen: London’s Gloop Unit Share Debut Single ‘Imitation’

Emerging from the depths of London’s industrious art-rock decor, comes Gloop Unit; a transcendent sound in a rising tide of visionary and genre-bending new artists. Having already graced London’s circuit with live performances across the capital, Gloop Unit unveil a teaser of what’s to come as they unleash their debut single ‘Imitation’.

From the get-go, ‘Imitation’ oozes with a spiralling kaleidoscope of addicting melodies and an insuperable groove. Addressing the fact that, at times, relationships can feel almost synthetic. Ravaged by choking intensities, cultivating a wonder into where true intentions lie. The meaning behind ‘Imitation’ dissects the “frustrations of false interactions and misinterpretations”.

The dreamlike, spacey guitar lines and spell-binding synths create an inescapable wormhole of hypnotising harmonies, perfectly counter-balanced by strong and unyielding vocals. Steady, yet almost dancing rhythms create a gravitating pull before imploding with the rest of the instrumentation into a celestial soundscape. ‘Imitation’ is a single truly born from the quirky, cowbell infused culture of London’s music scene.

There are rumours that the band spawned from a lab, after test tubes of a viscous jazzy substance and punky microbes, discovered from the cosmos, got mixed up in one of David Bryne’s old microwaves. However, no one is quite sure. ‘Imitation’ is just a snippet of what we can expect from this promising new band. And yet it begs the question, what else do these guys have in-store? For now, we’ll just let the gloopiest boys around “t-t-take it away”.

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