Listen: London’s Heartworms Returns with New Single ‘May I Comply’

Equipped with a Burton-like stare and an array of one liners, Heartworms makes her return with latest single ‘May I Comply’. The track is the first since the artist’s acclaimed project ‘A Comforting Notion’ which dropped last year.

What began, in the artist’s own words, as a track “to get over an ex and to tell my little brother he’s good enough”, finished as a brooding standout record with a punchy bassline and the artist’s signature wit. Distorted layers of synths build over lyrics challenging world order and offering fresh perspective of the mundanities of the everyday.

Heartworms on the cover of Issue Forty-Two (Feb 2023). Buy a copy here.

It’s a stellar addition to the already uniform world that Heartworms music offers, and is aided by the stark black and white music video that has been released alongside. Directed by Gilbert Trejo, the video shows the artist in a bare room with only her band around her, as she performs a series of dances that harken back to the goth rave dancing of the 90s. Speaking on the video, Trejo noted “For ‘May I Comply’ Jojo and I wanted to lean harder into the stark black and white world that Heartworms is building, washing everything but the band out in a sea of emptiness […] (I) was excited about capturing a bit more of the energy of Jojo’s performance at this stage.”

The track offers a new look into Heartworms captivating identity, and seems to predict a full-length release that lives up to her already established reputation. She will soon be debuting this track live in a headline show, which will take place at the Village Underground 21 November.

Photo by Gilbert Trejo

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