Listen: London’s Pencil share new single ‘The Window’ via Moshi Moshi Records

Following the opaque sketches of debut ‘The Giant’, Pencil’s follow-up – via lachrymose violins, yearning vocals, and acoustic-guitars so delicate you can feel the textures of every strum –  bestows us with the first recorded insight into what this five-piece are able to muster with the frameworks of a pop song under the grasp. 

And, of course, the results shiver with understated majesty, Washing up at our feet like a well-rounded pebble on a dusty shore – lingering long enough for us to roll it around our hands and study it’s every pristine, ocean-wrought surface – ‘The Window’ flickers with the graininess of 16mm film, each moment a beautiful, painful memory, captured in a postcard-perfect frame. 

And with lyrics taken from conversations overheard in the London borough of Walthamstow, plus the “spooky things”’ bandleader Kamran Khan discovered while staring into a taxidermy shop (i.e, the titular ‘window’), the track opens with what already must go down as best(or worst) deadpan lyric of the year – “there’s so many cafes and restaurants and stuff. It sucks.”

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Photo by Jonah Braverman

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