Listen: London’s The Dada Movement Share Debut SIngle ‘I Was Wrong’ / ‘Heart Heart’

Introducing The Dada Movement, the London quartet turning to the roots of rock and roll to figure out where it’s headed.

The London quartet The Dada Movement have made their debut, releasing their first single ‘I Was Wrong’ alongside B-Side ‘Heart Heart’. Considering their namesake lies in the radical anti-materialist and anti-nationalist art movement of the early 20th century, The Dada Movement are expectedly looking to the past, and by nature rejecting what has become customary.

Both ‘I Was Wrong’ and ‘Heart Heart’ align with early pop rock, doo wop, and the sounds and style of explorative legends of pre-Summer of Love rock. Of the single, the band shared, “We were trying to do something completely different from what everybody else is doing right now, in London especially. Post punk/posh punk has been dead so long no one knows what it is anymore. Guitar music is seemingly obsolete and reduced to a few jazz chords with a message of meal deals and obscenity that nobody actually means. We wanted to make guitar music, pop music again. In order to do that we dumbed it down to a simple beauty. They say that you must learn the rules in order to break them. Afterwards, who knows what we are capable of”.

Both a revival and a celebration of what came before them, The Dada Movement are retracing the steps that led us to the music of today in the hopes of finding something new. Considering the long standing fascination with the early days of rock and roll, alongside the success of nights such as Deptford Northern Soul, and a love of brands such as Hippie Shake and Rabbit, all signs point to music lovers’ tendency to look back – of which The Dada Movement are both a symptom and an antidote.

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