Listen: London’s The Itch Share Debut Single ‘Ursula’

High up on this year’s hype list of upcoming London bands, The Itch have spent the last 6 months or so shimmering across seemingly every grassroots venue, and clambering onto almost every festival line-up worth its weight in cool. Only now offering to decode their mystique,  the duo share the glassy strains of sumptuous new cut ‘Ursula’.

Named after cult author Ursula K. Le Guin – and inspired by her 1974 novel The Dispossessed – ‘Ursula’ bottles the inordinately lyrical, whiplash feeling of rearing one’s head up from the depths of an immersive book, then returning to the benign surface of reality with an overwhelming sense of clarity; where everything makes complete painful, poetic sense, if only for a few ephemeral moments.

Holding onto this sublime purpose, across its winding 7 minute length,  ‘Ursula’ spools out a liquid labyrinth of serpentine retro-pop. Merging the 80s melodramas of Tears for Fears with the smooth, protean voyages of classic Chicago House,  one section bleeds effortlessly into the next like so many trains of decisive thought. Styling it out, above all else, comes vocalist Simon Tyrie’s metallic, yet deeply affecting croon. Almost Simon Le Bon-esque, dare I say,  each weighted line soars straight from a cassette-tape past into our deeply uncertain digital futures: “light don’t mean all that much to those who don’t know dark…”

Founded by Simon Tyrie and Georgia Hardy (both formerly of Regressive Left), and featuring ex-members of Lazarus Kane as part of their blistering live-unit, ‘Ursula’ merely teases the fiery, confrontation of their compelling live shows,  where their punked-up, politically charged synth-discos shoot for our hearts in volleys of poison-tipped arrows.  Please, I beg of you, go and see The Itch.

The Itch headline The Social, London on April 10th. Remaining tickets here.

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