Listen: London’s Ugly Share New Single ‘The Wheel’

For lovers of a classic folklore tale of woe, London art-rock enthusiasts, Ugly have released the eerily epic soundtrack for you. Cue scenes of burning an outsider on the fire at the village fête whilst kiddies dance around the maypole with glee. For the full experience, play the closing scene of ‘The Wicker Man’ on mute in the background before getting stuck right into their immersive cacophony. 

Opening proceedings with a harmonious blend of choral a capella, ‘The Wheel’ experiments with folk-rock roots – hymn-esque vocals swell and strident guitars kick in with jarring unease. Met with cantering percussion and stirring synths, the six-piece soar on their climatic craftsmanship. Teasing the listener with fleeting moments of bass led relief, the track is playful in nature yet emphatically sincere. Uneasy, startling, comforting, mystifying, compelling; this song packs one of heck of an emotive punch. 

On the single, vocalist and guitarist Samuel Goater explains: “’The Wheel’ is a song that shows-off the band’s line up, boasting the best it can offer and playing in favour of many of our singers’ choral backgrounds. Painting a sinister cultish image tied to nature and the elements, ‘The Wheel’ explores themes which we explore on a number of songs in our current live show.”


Photo by Nicole Estella Ibanez

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