Listen: London’s Vaermina Share New Single ‘Real Panic’ and Announce Mini-Album ‘Tantrum’

Spooked with the horrors of the halloween season, Vaermina share the bubblegum metal of ‘Real Panic’ and announce mini-album ‘Tantrum’, due 24th November.

A newly assembled rock-trio of musicians from the South-East London underground – who elsewhere perform with the likes of piglet, Birthday Sick, Paddywak and Mitsubishi Suicide – latest single ‘Real Panic’ could feasibly soundtrack a fight scene from Kick-Ass; Hit Girl despatching hapless mobsters with insane levels of comic violence as Nicolas Cage skilfully backs her up with elite gadgetry.

Spattering its life-blood fiendishly across the speakers, the rumbling guitar chords, satanic drum rolls, bratty vocals, and bullish spoken word – riffing off star signs like ancient curses – packs itself with all the excitement, colour and intensity, of high-octane Japanese-anime combat.  Yet, above all, the song’s ultimate charm lies in its ass-kicking metallic synth hook chorus – instantly gratifying, a rush of serotonin to the head, a fiery shockwave to the nervous system.

The accompanying video is appropriately disconcerting too, cosplayer LeiLei pulling at her clothes from uncomfortably close camera angles, expressing all the freakish, manic paranoia of Vaermina’s deranged world

Photo by Bertek Korenek

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