Listen: Loose Fit introduce themselves with ‘Pull The Lever’

If the ominous yet supremely satiating sounds of dead-pan, biting post punk is your bag, then look no further than Loose Fit.

With their sharp-witted yet distinctively focused first single ‘Pull The Lever’ the Australian group bring their surrealist perceptions of modern life to the fore – a brooding and calculated depiction that foregoes exacerbating expression through the anger of their contemporaries for something more restrained and intelligent. 

The band are sure to not just let the sinister uncertainty of the narrative to suffocate the atmosphere – the instrumentation minimal yet striking. A baying bass hook lunges around the space, as guitars make a nuisance of themselves, brewing for an antagonistic yet inherently suspenseful mood.

‘Pull The Lever’ is an introduction that pleasingly and devilishly asks more questions than it answers.