Listen: Loose Fit Share New Single ‘Social Graces’

After the release of their last swaying single ‘Exhale’, Australia’s Loose Fit turn it up a gear with blistering ‘Social Graces’; their best yet. 

Whilst the band’s previous EP’s were dominated by angular Gang of Four-lilts, ‘Social Graces’ is a bit less Post-Punk, and a little bit more Art-Rock; as forceful percussion and growling bass grooves assertively back Anna Langdon’s vocals. Despite the vocal attack from Anna, it’s clear and melodic – a lot of the hooks warp around the blunt percussion, and allow plenty of space for Max Edgar’s jittery guitar. 

‘Social Graces’ interrogates the stilted post-lockdown interactions – “how do I speak to them and why?” Loose Fit are all for biting back at the foundations of social interaction, tapping astutely into a popular consciousness. 

‘Social Graces’ shows off Loose Fit’s capability to effortlessly morph melodies and rhythms. It’s sharp, clean, and doesn’t have any pretensions of itself. ‘Social Graces’ is a really solid piece of music from a solid set of musicians.

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