Watch: Los Bitchos reminisce with their video for the entrancing ‘Frozen Margarita’

With us all stuck inside, it’s hard not to let your mind wander, daydreaming about the summer that could’ve been.

If we’d all had it our way, we’ve no doubt you’d be in a field somewhere with your mates, six cans of dark fruit down and wondering whether that gourmet kebab you had for lunch was really worth £8. Don’t you just yearn for those moments?

Los Bitchos have been musing themselves, and in the process lifted out a behind the scenes look of their European tour last year, accompanying the release of the evocative ‘Frozen Margarita’ – a longing reverie all on it’s own.

What’s so great about Los Bitchos is their music evokes all manner of moods and feelings. The textured soundscapes they create send you to a place of calm, perhaps even joyful camaraderie, you can lose yourself in the escapism or dance freely to their beguiling hooks. While a B-Side upon it’s release, ‘Frozen Margarita’ just shows the group’s depth – an alluring work that embraces the collective union of the band and the jubilation they take in making such sounds.

There’s real substance to the group’s work – something that can be difficult to maintain and keep an audience captivated with as an instrumental group. But that just shows the depth of their ability – the songs they create are immediately infectious but gently immerse you into a much greater world.


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