Listen: Los Bitchos share ‘The Link Is About To Die’ via Bad Vibrations

You know what makes for a really good anything? Margaritas. Even better if they’re served with riffed-rock-salt and even more so when you consider how mandatory shots of tequila really do make the world a stock-photo-beach of a marvel.

For the ultimate aesthetic why not cut your fringe (or your mates), put on some sorta 70’s chic garm and make a 3 minutes, 48 seconds long event out of it? Might we suggest the happy-hour special; something along the lines of ‘The Link Is About To Die’, the latest single from our favourite cumbia-garage-rock group Los Bitchos? 

Yes. The answer to that is always yes.

Far-out and groovy baby, let’s all rejoice as the London based five-piece bring sunshine to our ears with an addictive wow-vibe of  ‘yeah we make super lush instrumental grooves with a bite and all whilst having the time of our lives- it’s no biggie, have a mini umbrella why don’t you’. 

With Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand) on production duties it’s all boogies ahead as harmonious, bongos mix with pineapples and catchy shiver guitar to create an absolute money’s worth concoction of wholesome feel good. Crooning as a danceable psychedelic palate-cleanser with a lick of bassy lime just for added zing, it’s enough percussion solo-d satisfaction to fuel us through day-to-night and back again with endless repeat and zero lessons needed to be learnt because this is exactly what we needed. 

Header Photo by Tom Mitchell