Listen: Lumer share new single ‘By Her Teeth’ from forthcoming EP

Ahead of the release of their forthcoming debut EP, Lumer have unveiled a taste of their evident development in the dark and vulnerable ‘By Her Teeth’.

Where the group have in the past possessed a frivolous swagger to their angsty diatribes, ‘By Her Teeth’ tears out their very soul by the heart, with stark humanity left beating in its wake and the group sounding all the more encompassing for it.

This is a more overwhelming, emotionally prominent take from Alex Evans –  gothically poetic yet as  incisive as the sudden change in temperament that envelopes the track in a further cloud of anxiety and tremor. Lumer have always possessed an innate ability to immediately immerse you in a pertinent narrative, yet with ‘By Her Teeth’ they do so with more fragility and subjugation than they’ve previously envisioned.  As Evans cries “His power hungry rise lead to her demise, we’ll have to see another day without her face”, the portrayal ebbs away into the ether, replaced by the very perturbed reality that the group vitally strive to stress.

In remaining unquestionably unsettled yet exhibiting more subtle maturation – Lumer offer an increasingly intriguing outlook that deserves to be preserved.

The new issue of So Young is out now. It’s SOLD OUT in print but you can read the digital edition below.