Listen: Lumer Share New Single ‘Hatred Is A Passion Of Theirs’

‘Lumer’ tease new releases with their assertively loud new single ‘Hatred is a Passion of Theirs’.

With more trebly bright guitars than previous incarnations, ‘Hatred is a Passion of Theirs’ is a well-developed addition to Lumer’s back catalogue. They’ve shifted gears a bit with the new single- sounding a little bit sunnier. That’s not to say they’ve left their darkness behind; the choruses are still a fuzzy well of noise, the bass and drums are low and dirty, and the twangling guitar makes brief interjections between the strutting basslines.

There’s that sound of 60s rock ‘n’ roll in the rhythm work, which gives it a certain swaggering headiness. While it does it’s scrappy thing, the bass and drums punch and wail with the vocals; there’s plenty of moodiness on this record, it’s a bit of a bell stop tour of post-punk’s pop potential. The pop hooks are coyly slipped into the hand of angularity and attitude as Lumer blend an enigmatic mix of playfulness, with confrontation – there’s a wry moodiness to it.

Frustrations of being screwed rattle through the music. Feeling the state of the nation not left to obscurity, “Burn this flag, burn them all” spits lead singer Alex Evans. Echoes of Gang of Four’s burn it all down sentimentality ring through alongside for the sharper flavours of sound. The track ends rather sharply, leaving you with a quick sharp guitar bite and a lone vocal. It’s a great-spirited track and shows off their engaging playfulness.

Photo by Nina Rädel – Bands On Film

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