Listen: Lumer Share The Blinding ‘Another Day At The Zoo’

Sue, 45, flies her Union Jack flag with glee – Britain has left the EU. “We’re going to get everything back” she exerts with confidence, unsure exactly what that entails but nevertheless 100% assured that it’s going to mean Jolly Old England is what it once was. Sue hasn’t got a fucking clue.

As Lumer wander the streets of ol Blighty in the dystopia of Post-Brexit Britain – the eerie turbulence that punctures their new single ‘Another Day At The Zoo’ is a more accurate perception of what’s to come. A country rife with with racism and discrimination from a backwards far-right society who don’t realise how even more destitute they’ve made the situation.

Of course, the condemning atmosphere doesn’t subside for a single second – only intensifying as frontman Alex Evans becomes more and more apoplectic. Direct and ferocious, he spits in sheer finalising defeat, surveying the xenophobia in the tube stations and ale-swilling crusty of a man in his local Wetherspoons thanking Tim Martin for all his hard work making Britain great again.

This is dystopia.

Header Photo by Sam Kennedy