Listen: First Luxury Death expand their world with new single ‘Diluted’ and Art Zine ‘Digital Ceremony’

Luxury Death began as an intimate relationship, swiftly became a band and can now only be described as a world. The duo of Ben Thompson and Meg Williams have set out to provide for the harsher side of life, the dark corners and the sharper edges. New track ‘Diluted’ leads you into their newly formed realm, stripping you of the life you once knew and hypnotising you with eerily delicious synths. In its inception, ‘Diluted’ was inspired by the industrial dance music scene, a modern day romance in an unexpected setting, where a couple find themselves set free of the mundane by the sounds and lights that surround them. The single is released with PNKSLM Recordings, a label who snapped up Luxury Death upon their first breath and its no surprise as to why. Listen to the new single below.

Luxury Death are more than a band, they’re a way of life. You don’t just listen to them, you pick them up and turn their pages too. The new single is accompanied by ‘Digital Ceremony’, a 52 page art zine which marks a collaboration between the band and Desire Press. Ben and Meg describe the zine for us “Overloaded with harsh graphics, bold photography & subliminal messages, Digital Ceremony explores Kids of the Club, the celebration of dystopia, the resurrection of utopia, and aims to respond to fringe life in a digital age.”  Our youth need something to cling on to, something to be a part of and something they can feel is theirs. Make it Luxury Death, make it Digital Ceremony.


You can purchase a copy of ‘Digital Ceremony’ here.

Luxury Death Play Birthdays, Dalston on Thursday 12th October. More info here.