Listen: Lynks Afrikka shares new single ‘On Trend’

We are in a crisis. 

Whether it’s the state of the worlds’ intensely concerning lean towards right-wing politics or the ever growing battle with said ignorant people to save our climate – we are simply just trying to stay afloat in a sea full of shit.

But maybe that’s where the issue lies, we are just trying to survive. We like to think we keep ourselves sane within these uncompromising times, when everything in reality is falling by the wayside with each opportunity. Lynks Afrikka returns to explore this with new single ‘On Trend’.

Where breakthrough single ‘Str8 Acting’ was a bold and antagonistic banger – ‘On Trend’ is gasping and anxious. While everyone collectively buries their heads in mindfulness apps, not eating gluten and ensuring their body is a temple – the south east is probably going to sink under the rising tides, as we stand and watch while drinking that morning kale and flax seed smoothie – cause as long as you’re ok, everything’s ok, right?

This is Lynks surprisingly at their most humorous but also their most introspective. Where the project is ecstatic and compelling most of the time, there is always a stark and encompassing message behind the animated, tongue-in-cheek bravado. The message this time lies in Lynks’ own acknowledged hypocrisy, something that they are willing to stand up and answer for in a time where very few truly will.

Header Photo by Amia Watling