Listen: Malady share live video for ‘Famous Last Words’

London group, Malady have been gigging around the capital and teaming up with friends for shows over the last 6 months. The four piece have now released a live video for their track ‘Famous Last Words’ to give people something to sing along to.

It’s early days for Malady, a group who openly express that they’re still honing their craft as they go. With this in mind, the band have taken a step forwards with a relatively non committal release which serves a something for future fans to go back to when they return from a show.

Despite the video’s setting within a church, ‘Famous Last Words’ gives an insight into the bands negative feeling towards childhood church life and religion. Malady elaborate on that “Obviously, being alive is a fairly anxiety inducing thing in itself so I can see the need for religion to explain and provide a security blanket for some but…not my cup of tea, thanks”. They do however state that the Father who allowed them access to the church was a “lovely guy”, mind.

Malady play The Windmill, Brixton on 19th July.