Listen: Malice K Shares ‘The Old House’ and Announces Debut Album ‘AVANTI’

New York based alternative project Malice K, fronted by Alex Konschuh, released their latest hauntingly harmonious single ‘The Old House’ – the second release from their upcoming debut album, titled ‘AVANTI’.

‘The Old House’ solely focuses on Konschuh’s vocals, backing harmonies and acoustic guitar. The lyrics delve a search into uncomfortable truths and regrets, with the outwardly vulnerable sound creating a riveting track that leaves space for self reflection. 

Opening line “they say don’t look back, but nothing is ahead” immediately sets the tone for the listener, showing earnest emotion and despair. The lyrics create a sense of discomfort juxtaposed by the welcoming nature of the acoustic instrumentals and warm vocal harmonies. 

Honest and heartfelt, ‘The Old House’ is a track setting up the debut LP ‘AVANTI’ to be an inquisitive and revealing listen, with delicate instrumentals to complete each track.

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