Listen: Malmö’s 7ebra Share ‘I Like To Pretend’ and Announce Debut Album ‘Bird Hour’

Following on from their run of releases, Malmö’s hottest newcomers 7ebra return with their third single ‘I Like To Pretend’.

The single dropped today (February 7th) alongside news of their eagerly awaited debut album ‘Bird Hour’, which is set to be released May 5th via PNK SLM.

‘I Like to Pretend’ continues honing 7ebra’s sound as one that is mellow in tone and intricate in its detail. The static-filled guitar lines and lulling repetition of vocal motifs heard at the song’s opening feels reminiscent of early love and the dream-like feelings that come with it. It’s a compelling entrance, and only grows in interest as the song expands.

The duo ask outright; ‘Tell me your story’, before being aided by dream-like harmonies and an overhead mellotron melody that swells and crashes as the track develops.

It’s these simplistic lyrics and unique additions to the track that work in the bands favour, as it’s these that capture the atmosphere of getting-to-know, drawing you in with its sincerity and combining the honesty of folk with a fresh bright feel to take us into 2023. ‘I Like To Pretend’ is a stellar addition to the band’s growing discography, and yet another indication that though relatively new, 7ebra are here for the long haul.

Pre Order ‘Bird Hour’ via PNK SLM here.

Photo by Ebba G Ågren

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