Listen: Manchester’s cruush Share New Single ‘Stick in the Mud’ and Announce Debut EP

Manchester’s Cruush Share New Single ‘Stick in the Mud’ and Announce Debut EP.

If you can imagine the marvel child between Wolf Alice and Portishead, this shoegaze ensemble would be your result. Revelling in comedic value, cruush’s vocalist and front-person Amber Warren states, “I guess you can say our music has the sweet elements of having a crush on someone but the screeching of an industrial car crusher”, and in a strange way, it couldn’t be more appropriate?

The new single ‘Stick In The Mud’ explores topics dealing with loneliness, complacency, and the constant feeling of being stuck in a rut, quite common themes for a young person growing up in this climate. Combining this relatable dumbfoundedness with a grunge-y, subterranean bass gives the tune a rose-tinted vision towards the idea of mourning. 

“The music is akin to tumbling down a flight of stairs and landing in a heap at the bottom, shaking yourself off before going straight down the next flight; reflecting exactly what I was putting myself and people I care about through at the time”.

An incredible sense of personal experience is carried through this song, almost like an ode to a lived memory or an old version of oneself, proving again to be perfectly relatable and like a “soundtrack to the destructive grind of the hospitality machine.”

So if it’s a new sound you’re after to add to your ‘cry it out’ playlist or something to play whilst you sit and deep your life, then cruush has this one in the bag. Keep an eye out for their debut EP Wishful Thinker which drops 14th April via Heist or Hit.

Photo by Aneela Siddiqui

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