Listen: Manchester’s Cruush Share Single ‘Sombre by the Weekend’ via Heist or Hit

With one eye focused on their pedalboards, and another kept rapt to the heavens, Manchester’s Cruush mix the downtrodden with the delirious on latest single ‘Sombre by the Weekend’.

Whipping up their clotted swirls of vintage-facing shoegaze obscura – of the kind that twitches the whammy bar in dutiful reverence to Our Father Kevin Shields – Cruush make no bones about their nostalgic tastes. However, while previous releases might have salaciously indulged in Slowdive fantasia, an extra ‘u’ to their name and a signing to Heist or Hit (Her’s, pizzagirl, Eades) has brought a forward-facing front to their wallflower introversions.

Beneath the sonic tricks, ‘Sombre By the Weekend’ holds the essence of a pop song at its heart. Dripping with young and enraged emotion, vocalist Amber Warren’s embittered lyrics on toxic friendship skate on proud melodies. A chorus is held aloft, dizzied by all its marbled dreaminess

Dipping into that Wolf Alice essence of heavy and glittering rock, Cruush’s newest formulation doubtlessly indicates how the size of their schemes is growing.

Photo by Jake Ward

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