Listen: Manchester’s Mandy, Indiana Return with New Single ‘Injury Detail’ via Fire Talk

It’s been a minute since we heard from Manchester’s Mandy, Indiana. Back in 2021, their debut EP “…” catapulted itself through our eardrums. Its crushing drums and gut-vibrating bass felt like the dystopian soundtrack of the Covid crisis that it was conceived in.

With their latest offering, ‘Injury Detail’, the four-piece have now aimed their crosshairs at the apocalyptic future. Unleashing yet another tour-de-force. It’s a track that takes inspiration from Blade Runner 2049 and Bioshock making you feel like you’re living in the soundtrack of a video game. The beat pulsates through you and at that moment you’re running through an ever changing futuristic landscape clinging on for dear life. It leaves you breathless.

The physical effect of their music is what sets Mandy, Indiana apart – it’s impossible to passively listen to. It’s a full body experience that grabs you with both hands and spins you round before you come up for air; in the best way possible.

Valentine Caulfield’s vocals are a highlight, her chants forcing you forward through the wasteland. They build you up to a crescendo before ruthlessly instructing you, and your opponent, to “Achevez votre adversaire” or “Finish off your opponent”.

In summary, Injury Detail is Mandy Indiana’s latest triumphant piece of music that energises the listener on a deep level. It’s all consuming.

Photo by Harry Steel

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