Listen: Manchester’s Martial Arts Share Debut Single ‘Warsaw’

The debut single from Manchester’s Martial Arts is all-out attack! attack! attack! Cascading and clattering indie-rock, as menacing as a pride of lions; a slowly flighted wrecking ball salivating for destruction…

The real, brutish thrill of Manchester’s Martial Arts is to hear their triumvirate of guitarists battling it out for glory, wielding their battle axes ready for the slaughter, smashing chords down like brick walls. More cunning and skilful than to simply employ brute force to fulfil their grisly ends, the five-piece will also disarm their opponent with a soft-flighted melody then….boom! Another wave of crunching noise overwhelms us. This time going straight for our jugulars, watching us bleed, writhe, and momentously rock the sweet fuck out.

The-Lounge-Society-meets-Shame, ‘Warsaw’ is a truly impressive debut, and an early indicator of yet another jewel from the ever fruitful rocklands of North West England, to be filed alongside the likes of Dog Sport and Duvet.

Photo by Richard Kelly

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