Listen: Manchester’s Martial Arts Share Video for New Single ‘Defector’

Following up their debut release from the start of the year, Manchester’s latest rock outfit, Martial Arts have shared their new single, ‘Defector’.

Loud guitars loosely open the new track, and continue to create intriguing melodies throughout that keep the listener captivated. The instrumentals switch from intricacy to a calculated sense of messy noise, which allows the tone of vocals to follow this pattern too. 

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Vocalist James Marson said about the new single, “Defector is about the introspective struggle, helplessness and feelings of responsibility towards the disparity that our generation is faced with. Knowing that you have the potential to benefit others, but not knowing how to, and this creates frustration due to deception in the society we exist in”.

To close out the song, the vocals turn raw and grating – overtly showcasing the passion put into the track. ‘Defector’ is an exciting and ever-changing release from Martial Arts, cementing their upcoming talent.

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