Listen: Manchester’s Maruja Share New Single ‘The Invisible Man’

Continuing to revel in the momentum of their debut EP ‘Knocknarea’, Manchester’s Maruja introduces one of their most compelling and impassioned singles yet, ‘The Invisible Man’. The four northern jazzed-up-pysch-punk lads have created six luscious minutes of ritualistic primal grace ahead of their next big UK headline tour.

Atop hills of whispering pines and moonlit glades, ‘The Invisible Man’, begins his dance within the soft glow of burning embers. In the delicate balance between allure and foreboding peril, each leap, each twist, each whispered utterance and flaming bellow unfolds with reverent devotion amidst this flickering light. His words burn with such emotional intensity, shaped by the tender touch of personal experiences, crying out for the struggles of loved ones amidst a mental health epidemic.

The icy melody of saxophone cuts through the air, its notes a breath of salt-laden wind waging war against sirens of guitars, amongst the thick, thunderous heartbeat of jazz-soaked rhythm. What was once tamed embers grows into the roaring beasts of inferno, and Maruja unleashes it all. On this night, the soft veil between this world and Tech Duinn lies thin until the engulfing flames and mystical beauty become eternally one.

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