Watch: Manchester’s Mealtime release ‘Sublime’

Manchester’s Mealtime release their latest single ‘Sublime’ (via LAB Records) with video accompaniment. 

Like a pop-plucky prize trapped between the provoking claw game of a service station arcadia, there’s a sense of programmed desire to the six-piece’s indulgent synth that, with helping hand from plushy visuals, leaves you dizzily wanting another turn; just be sure to keep an eye on the prize as ultimately, this bunch are time and time again, the real winners here. 

Subliminally excessive like all your favourite early 00’s bangers but with more alt and minus the hair mascara cringe, if the florescent pink bubble-gum our parents wouldn’t buy us were to have a technological taste, it would be Mealtime alt-pop with a surprisingly cool-and-collected-menthol bursting core. 

Delicious tongue-in-cheek lyricism is met with attituded acid bass regard tuned up to the highest squelch and, there are numerous shots involving cool kids being cool in a limo, need we say more?

To unapologetically break down ‘lad-centric FHM tropes’ in just over three-minutes, all whilst maintaining a HD sense of youthfulness is a mission only feasable by the most flourishing and with Sublime, Mealtime not only defy but conquer.

Shout out to Tony. 

Header photo by Sara Carpentieri