Listen: Manchester’s Mister Strange Share New Single ‘High Heel Heavy’ via PNKSLM

PNKSLM’s recent signees Mister Strange share their latest single ‘High Heel Heavy.

Realities a drag, and at a time where turmoil pollutes the water, and the solution to 15 months trapped indoors is rapidly becoming a healthy dose of nihilistic freak-out, Manchester’s self-described ‘Wunder-Fuzz’ trio are thrillingly all over the place.

We’re all seeking new vices to pass the lull between last night and tomorrow morning. Be it a cry for tangible escapism, a brief intermission from routine daydreaming or otherwise, ‘High Heel Heavy’ is the three-minute equivalent to a spiritual recharge, or, the instant hit from a cigarette and black coffee; a grinning kick up the soul that’s guaranteed to carry its weary listener straight on through to the Nth degree of hyperactive addictiveness.

An uncompromising cross between the manic charisma of The Dead Kennedys, and the contemporary fury of Melbourne rockers Civic, this is the very kind of fuzz-fused anarchy where collective mischief thrives; and so there’s absolutely no question that Mister Strange are an unholy trinity to be reckoned with. 

‘High Heel Heavy’ is borderline discordant, chaotically unselfconscious, and seismically savvy. In the words of The New York Dolls David Johansen: “Rock n Rollers don’t dress for the weather”, so why would Mister Strange?

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