Listen: Manchester’s Nightbus Share New Single ‘Mirrors’

Manchester’s Nightbus, have stepped out into the murky streets of the subconscious as they unleash their latest opaque release, ‘Mirrors’, the second half of their debut 7”.

Set deep into the night’s smothering darkness, where the world seems tainted by the coloured lights of twilight hideaways, stumbling along the veil of reality and the haze of unease and chaos. In the shadow, Nightbus play with an enigmatic allure, drawing you into this breathtaking sonic tapestry full of a sense of distance and detachment.

The low dirty bass hums throughout the city’s streets, anchoring you as other-worldly synths try to pull you deeper into the nocturnal abyss. Weaving a mesmerising spell with its interplay of murky guitar riffs, sullen vocals, and driving rhythm. As the lyrics wind to a close, a haunting sense of entrapment washes over, hypnotic at its core, lost within labyrinthine avenues. Another name etched into the vice-soaked city, caught in its intoxicating web.

Unmasking the meaning behind the track, Olive, Jake, and Zac divulge, “The lyrics track the mind of delusion and confusion, a warped narrative that can only be resolved by that moment of realisation. The lyric “when these mirrors speak my mind it’s a lost direction” defines that moment I know many of us know far too well. It’s essentially the “what the fuck am I doing” part of the night. I think too many of us thrive within the reasons to get messed up, when in reality these nights always lead to regret, embarrassment or having to soothe yourself with some kind of justification.”

‘Mirrors’ carries on the band’s misty, haunting dreamscape as their music unfurls deeper into the twisted narrative of sleepless nights. Each listen to the Manchester three-piece reveals a new layer to their dark and captivating sound, one can only hope for more to follow. 

We chat with Nightbus in Issue Forty-One of So Young. You can pick up a copy here.

Photo by James Melrose

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