Listen: Manchester’s VALA Share New Single ‘Bleed Together’

A generous amount of guitars, drums and synth blend into one for VALA’s return after the success of their debut EP, ‘I Love The Sound’. Hailing from Manchester, the indie band’s latest single, ‘Bleed Together’, is a concise yet entrancing track that feels like it was crafted to make you ponder the shortcomings of devotion and rethink your relationships.

Through hazy vocals and fluctuating instruments, VALA manage to perfectly paint an image to coincide with the track – dark nights that started early in the late afternoon, empty streets covered in rainfall and dim candlelight at the end of your bedroom. There’s a sense of existentialism to the single, with the lyrics describing an unhealthily faithful romance.

‘Bleed Together’ is bit more experimental compared to their previous releases, which mostly follow an indie rock sound, but the slight change in genre is greatly welcomed and suits the quartet who have successfully woven electronic elements into their alternative style without creating an alienating single.

This release comes before VALA open for Soft Lad at Notting Hill Arts Club at the start of November, as well as their hometown show headlining The Deaf Institute later that month. ‘Bleed Together’ is sure to transform into an electrifying live experience as the band explores new ways to warp the alternative indie genre.

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