Listen: Mandy, Indiana Share Single ‘Pinking Shears’ and Announce Debut Album via Fire Talk

Manchester four-piece Mandy, Indiana have announced their debut album, ‘i’ve seen a way’. It’s due out on May 19th via Fire Talk.

The announcement came less as a flyer through your letterbox but more as a package hurled through your door after it was kicked off its hinges. That package flying into your home is their new single, ‘Pinking Shears’- Arriving with all the visceral force that we’ve come to expect from Mandy, Indiana; which is what makes them so encapsulating. However this time, the accompanying strut is a guttural, metallic pounding of the pavement that you feel in every ounce of your body.

It’s a showcase of their mastery of the art of making music that is a full-body experience. Never just existing in your ears, your whole body tunes into the vibrations and celebrates the release of tension that comes from melting into a sound. It’s music to which words can’t do justice. 

The vocals of Valentine Caulfield are a highlight as they interrupt your thoughts. Her furious laments, in her native French, at the state of the world are every bit a rallying call. A primal, unification of shared frustration that, even across a language barrier,  feels instantly relatable.

It is fitting that the announcement comes with a UK tour in October and a video that captures the band’s unrivalled live show. This is music that makes you want to go to a show. Music that thrives in that environment and personifies that buzz and shared connection that only live music can provide.

Photo by Cal Moores

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