Listen: Margot Share New Single ‘Fame’ via Full Time Hobby

Dreamscape quintet Margot share ‘Fame’: a timeless tale of rose-tinted idolism, released via Full Time Hobby.

Where critical-acclaim can be a curse that lingers past the point of return, clouding the eye of its beholder in shades of crimson-capricious… Margot’s ‘Fame’ is an act which distinguishes the group from their fellow Londoner’s; instead, placing them in an alternately ‘outsider’ category of gorgeously pine-scented Indie-Folk, and East-Coast flannelled idiosyncrasy.

Success may come and go yet Margot continue to craft their notoriety of being curiously intricate self-developers, who capture introspection with a lucidly textural delight.

This is music to quietly manifest your cult-hero fantasies to. Think Grizzly Bear’s ‘Painted Ruins’, or, the act of x-ray scanning flora and marvelling at their fundamentally skeletal beauty and you’re not too far off from ‘Fame’’s alt-reality. As Margot engineer structural wooze to a perfectionist’s crescendo, we can only sit back and wonder at the absurdities of our universe; safely from the comforts of our personal anonymity.

Be it a night bus trip to somewhere better than before, or a meandering quest to shatter social illusions of grandeur, there is very little more satisfying than a long-winding soundtrack to life, and all its disillusioned qualms.

Photo by Kelly Fung

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