Listen: Mary in the Junkyard Share Debut Single ‘Tuesday’

Mary in the Junkyard Share Debut Single ‘Tuesday’.

It’s taken nearly two years of performing, and over 50 gigs, to reach the point where Mary in the Junkyard were ready to release their debut track. Over that time, they have rapidly built up momentum, becoming the whispered rumour of a revolution on the scene. From their early, sometimes self admittedly half empty performances, they have always performed with valiant assurance of their own brilliance. The recent string of sweaty, electric shows is proof that the crowds wholeheartedly agree. 

Lucid visuals sprawl across the band’s lyrics and artwork, providing glimpses of an intricate and deeply considered musical identity. The tender voice of singer Clari Freeman-Taylor acts as a siren call through the track’s momentous crescendos, building with driven drums and wailing guitar into a cathartic sense of release. 

We spoke to Mary in the Junkyard inside Issue Forty-Two. Grab a copy here to read the interview in full.

The track explores the feeling of “life in a city and… feeling very small.” “He said get out of my way and that destroyed the Tuesday” Clari repeats, hung up on the ways in which small acts of inconsideration are blown into momentous emotional moments in the midst of isolation. “We all have wildness within us that we might be suppressing” she explains “and we shouldn’t feel like aliens because of it.”

The accompanying grainy, found footage style music video ushers in the wondrous, strange aesthetic of the band. Finding the chaos in the mundane, screaming for the humanity in the thick of the urban sprawl. Everything about the release feels like a shout of howl of retaliation, that Mary in the Junkyard are here and with them everything changes. This is a band who demand to be seen, but only in their own, distinctly vivid and playful terms. 

Photo by Steve Gullick

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