Listen: Mary in the Junkyard Share ‘Marble Arch’ and Announce Debut EP

Mary in the junkyard continue to display their immense strength with new track “Marble Arch”

As they prepare to play a sold out Coriscia Studios in London, the weepy rock trio share their most personal cut yet. Lead Singer Clari Freeman-Taylor explores themes of sisterhood and codependency and delivers a bittersweet vocal performance. An impressive drum performance from David Addison as he brings the pre-chorus to life along with the anchoring bass from Saya Barbaglia gives us the rich quality instrumentation we’ve come to expect from Mary In The Junkyard. 

On Marble Arch, Clari says “i wrote the words to marble arch in the back of the book ‘wise children’ under the actual marble arch, it’s about the intense relationship between sisters, and leaving home and not wanting to come back.”

Along with the track, the band announce their biggest headline to date at The ICA in October and finally, their long awaited debut EP “This Old House” which is set for release May 9th via AMF records. It’s a sweet collection of songs as the trio play with our emotions to the same quality that they play their instruments. Clari says “this old house is all about the memories that exist in the walls and floors of places, what it feels like to be home and away from it.”.

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Photo by Steve Gullick

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