Listen: Matt Maltese shares new single ‘Curl up and Die’

You wouldn’t expect a track named ‘Curl Up and Die’ to be about love but Matt Maltese’s new single is exactly that. A hot 2019 take on Lennon’s slower moments, but with a frank tale on how absurd love can make you feel, like pulling a Van Gogh (‘I’d cut off my ears for you’) or simply going postal on your mates in pursuit of loves sweet nectar (‘Id kill all my friends for you’).

Love can be a fickle mistress (or however it identifies) and Maltese is quick to point that out. After a hectic touring schedule including a stint in the USA, the south-Londoner wanted to hit the reset button in his Elephant and Castle bedroom. Whilst doing so he has penned and self produced a number that can only be described as a reflective post-mortem on a relationship.

Speaking on the track, Maltese says:

“It’s about the disgusting, absurd force of love. When the feeling is so all consuming that you’d happily crouch over and be nothing but a chair for them to sit on”.

As the track moves into its final remarks, a quaint piano led crescendo surrounds Maltese’s delivery that evokes this Disney-esque wonderland that can sometimes strike when you’re in the midst of real love, but at times the happy ever after is anything but.

Matt Maltese headlines The All Dayer, Cardiff in November. Full details here.

Header Photo by Sam Hiscox