Watch: Matt Maltese shares new track ‘Rom Com Gone Wrong’ and announces new album ‘Krystal’

Matt Maltese has announced details of his sophomore album Krystal (November 8th via 7476) alongside the release of lead single ‘Rom Com Gone Wrong’. 

‘Rom Com Gone Wrong’- with video accompaniment, is a hazy-dazy experience that feels as if we’ve been invited to witness the behind-the-scenes process of a splendidly ‘The Wind in the Willows’ stylised production (but with patiently pastoral real-life people) all set inside Monet’s waterlilies series. Awkward humour and pastel smooched everything is a vibe only achievable when cast and crew come together for the greater force of filmed mishap of the loveably lonesome lo-fi kind. 

In his own comforting-ly mellow manner, Maltese has built a curiously croonin’ garden of weeping willow warmth that sincerely is and completely ached lush. The video, directed by Craig Roberts of Submarine fame, captures beating disillusionment and turns it into something so swoon worthy that if tree hugging is your calling and your heart is yearning for a whole lotta love then rest easy- you’re in for a treat with this heart-breaker. 

Not only does it now make total sense to want a riverside bed but, it seems clearer that with time, (specifically four minutes, seven seconds) a bit of melancholic air and an appreciation for direct eye contact does the heart a whole heap of eventual goodness. Age might just but a number and yet here we have a twenty-two-year-old gift that keeps on giving. 

For arguments sake, we still don’t know why he’s in the car but here we all are dreaming. 

Matt Maltese headlines The All Dayer, Cardiff on November 16th. Tickets here.