Listen: Matt Maltese shares ‘queen bee’ and announces new EP

When time stands still and our minds reach out to fill the void, it goes without saying that love in this time of lonesome chaos, makes for particularly wistful daydreams. As Matt Maltese releases ‘queen bee’ ahead of his upcoming EP ‘Madhouse’, we’re invited to wait patiently by an imagined bus stop facing a pastel washed freeway towards romantic eternity and kissed classicism.

In a search of a prospective fairy-tale, Maltese is caught between the endless hum of future-love, and mis-matched expectations at the end of a road well-travelled. Returning to his trademark of captivated swoon, a high-note formula created to evoke senses through fine layers of searched understandings, patchy optimism and Sorry’s Asha Lorenz on backing croon- the dream in which your heart has made is ever so slightly cynical, and about as tangible as its figurative life expectancy.

New EP ‘Madhouse’ will be released 7th August via Nettwerk.

Header Photo by Sam Hiscox

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