Listen: Max Winter Shares Single ‘O Matter’ and Launches New (zero) Single Series from untitled (recs)

Glitching at the seams, intrepid synth-rock artist Max Winter finds melody in the madness of his latest earworm, ‘O Matter’. A discordant yet sumptuous taste of what’s to come, independent label untitled (recs) are paving the way for unbridled, explorative artists with the launch of their new open series, ‘(zero)’.

If a 00’s ringtone, R2-D2 and Destiny’s Child found themselves caught in a tropical storm, it would sound a lot like this. A whiplash of exhilarating percussion and careering synths, the song is a joyful exploit of lo-fi experimentation. Grounded by mellifluous vocals and throbbing bass, the track soars in its playfulness without scrimping on the hooks. An idea conceived over just one day of getting back to compositional basics, Winter finds the fun in his masterful musicianship.

On the single, Winter explains: “One of my intentions was to always have it anchored by a clear melody, to help deal with the chaos around it. In the end, it turned into some kind of Mariah Carey feature on a glitch-rock tune. I think it shows how my sound has developed from my last release and I’m stepping more into songwriting, but still using the same processes I may have done for more experimental and instrumental based pieces.”

Going against the grain of your average pop-bop, ‘O Matter’ marks the dawn of a new era for untitled (recs). Championing spontaneous and raw releases, the new series is set to eradicate the need for industry influenced ideas and celebrate trailblazing talent.

Photo by Martha Treves

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