Listen: Meadow Meadow revel in the gentle breeze of ‘Bonzo’

What do you want when you grow up?

Taking the long road home late one evening, the air is buzzing and it feels as though it should be raining. It would surely suit the cinematic mood here but such is life, this is a Meadow Meadow twilight summer evening. Muggy mixed-messages mosey amongst feelings of indecisiveness, all enveloped in a cloak of dusk – as if moonstruck under an enchanted eiderdown that’s been stored away for safe-keeping until it’s the right time again.

There’s spirits in the air and they’re telling you to keep looking back. Where it is your mind ought to dwell presently remains to be discovered. ‘Bonzo’, unlike it’s thunderous namesake, is a gently breezing comfort for the sensitive charmers in life. Gently moving between pillowy piano, nostalgia and the simplicities of Forever Turned Around, when everything comes together to create such a sparkling arrangement, you know you’re on to a winner. 

Rippling lo-fi splendour with the same effect as the last splashes of a watercolour paintbrush dipped in a gauzy glass jug of refreshing hue, ‘Bonzo’ cups delicacy perfectly and is an introductory cheers to the songwriting partnership of Meadow Meadow.



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