Meet Illustrator Marta Giunipero

Marta Giunipero is an Italian illustrator and graphic designer currently based in Turin. She studied illustration and animation at IED for 3 years, during which she started her first personal projects and collaborations with blogs, magazines and publishing houses.

Marta recently formed an illustration collective named “Muschio”.

After graduating Marta started working as an illustrator for Arduino, an open-source electronic prototyping platform enabling users to create interactive electronic objects.

Random facts about Marta: I like to sew, can’t ride a bicycle, super lazy and messy but curious. Oh, I love coffee and collecting stuff.

How do you go about starting a piece of work? Does it start as a pencil drawing? What’s your process?

I think it depends on the project I’m working on and on how I’m inspired that day. Sometimes I like to sketch with a pencil or a brush pen at first and then transfer the raw sketch on photoshop/procreate, refine it and colour it digitally but still trying to keep the spontaneity and the mood of the analogue drawing. Otherwise I do everything digitally, as it’s more practical and quick if I have short time.

How do you want people to feel when they see your work?

Personally, I’d like my work to excite curiosity in people who look at it. Like something you want to know more about so that you give it a first general look and then start to look closely, trying to discover and examine every detail. I also try to make my illustrations impactful and give them a fresh touch working on shapes and (sometimes risky) colour palettes which make them unexpected and attracting, in a certain way.

What things around you inspire you?

I can generally describe myself as quite an introverted, curious person and a careful observer, which make me attracted by almost everything around me. But I guess that what keeps inspiring me the most, even throughout the years, are people in their different shapes, colours, expressions, poses, behaviours.

Do you have a favourite project?

I wouldn’t say so, every project/work has a different story or process behind that made it somehow interesting or appealing to me. Although if I had to pick one I would probably choose a book cover I made for an Italian publishing house time ago, cause it was my first proper commission as an illustrator and I was chosen among other artists. It gave me a boost of confidence to continue improving myself and evolving as an artist.

What are you currently working on?

Right now I’m up to attend some exhibitions that features some of my pieces of work that will be exposed during a visual design festival held in Turin. I will also be doing my first live painting performance. Besides I’m working full time in the creative team of a company and keeping on some personal projects.

Why King Krule for your entry?

I chose to illustrate King Krule cause beside from holding him in high esteem as a singer, I think he’s physically peculiar and quite a character himself, very recognizable. Seemed like a funny challenge to draw him.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

As I said in a previous answer, I have some projects going on at the moment that I will share soon. I will certainly keep observing what surrounds me, travelling and challenging myself in order to evolve, experiment and improve my work that will certainly change with me during time.


Marta Giunipero