Who Are You?: Meet Lazarus Kane

Somewhere between the full length interviews in our print mag, you’ll find a section called ‘Who Are You?’. It’s our place to introduce brand new bands who we feel should be on your radar. They’re currently playing tiny rooms but we don’t think that’ll be the case for long.

Whilst the print edition only has room for a few questions, we like to post the full interview online alongside their latest releases for you to dig in to. In Issue Twenty-Two we sent over the basics to Lazarus Kane who has just released his debut single ‘Narcissus’, a track described in our review as a “seedy, cocksure and damn right infectious hit”. We caught up with the main man just before it’s release.

Can you tell us who you are, where you’re from and about the music you make?

My name is Lazarus Kane, I’m from the United States of America. I make music with old synthesisers and drum machines. Some people call it popular music, other folks don’t really know what to call it. I’d probably call it luxury lounge music.

What’s special about where you’re from? Has it inspired your music?

I am from a very rural part of the states. It has very open spaces and far reaching prairies that stretch for miles upon miles. There is probably a beauty in that emptiness that, on a sub conscience level inspires me, but I don’t really know. 

What led you to start writing and performing songs?

I started singing in church when I was very young. Then I began writing songs on a small Casio keyboard when I was in my adolescence. Then when I became older I fell from grace with religion, and started performing in any bars I could. That’s where the idea of writing luxury lounge music came from. Although I rarely played to more than a few drunk cowboys. 

Can you tell us something that you really love?

I try to go fishing at least three times a week. It relaxes the mind. 

Can you tell us something that you hate?

When I can’t fish three times a week. 

Can you tell us the story behind one of your songs?

I have a song called ‘Nothing More, Nothing Less’ which is a song about writing songs. It’s a sort of Russian doll situation. 

What can we be excited for (from you) over the next 12 months?

I believe that at least one of my recordings will become available before the end of the year of our lord two thousand and nineteen, but I’m not sure how much I can say. My management are desperate not to have another slip and slide like ’96, but we won’t talk about that.

Header Photo by Holly Whitaker