Who Are You?: Meet Powerplant

Somewhere between the full length interviews in our print mag, you’ll find a section called ‘Who Are You?’. It’s our place to introduce brand new bands who we feel should be on your radar. They’re currently playing tiny rooms but we don’t think that’ll be the case for long.

Whilst the print edition only has room for a few questions, we like to post the full interview online alongside their latest releases for you to dig in to. In Issue Twenty-Two we sent over the basics to Powerplant who released their album ‘People In The Sun’ in February this year and have quickly become one of London’s most exciting underground prospects.

Can you tell us who you are, where you’re from and about the music you make?

We are Powerplant – a synth-punk operation. We hail from around the isle and one of us is Ukrainian. Music we produce sizzles with synthesizers, giddy bass and barely cohesive lyrics. 

What’s special about where you’re from? Has it inspired your music?

Our hometowns are dull and as flat as the Earth with nothing to do. Staring at the ceiling long enough gets you thinking about a thing or two, yeah.

How did you find each other?


What led you to form a band? A particular happening or mutual love for a record or sound?

It was originally a solitary bedroom project that existed solely on the internet. Eventually it grew meat and morphed into a full band.

Can you tell us something that you collectively really love?

Kasteel Rouge 🙂

Can you tell us something that you collectively hate?

When your mom won’t leave your room when you are listening to podcasts. 

Can you tell us the story behind one of your songs?

Vocal melody and lyrics for ‘True Love’ came to me (Hi I’m Theo) when I was in the doorway, going either in or out of the space in question.

What can we be excited for (from you) over the next 12 months?

Hopefully we will find the time to address our lower back pain. But more likely a new EP followed by a new 12’’, European shows and good times with the dog.