Listen: Melbourne’s CLAMM Share New Single ‘Monday’ via Meat Machine

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you keep poking something with a stick, eventually it’s going to get pretty pissed off. Refusing to take it anymore, Melbourne punk outfit, CLAMM, strikes back at the tedious torments of the modern day work-life balance with their latest feverish single, ‘Monday’.

Unified by the antagonising barks from both lead singer/guitarist Jack Summer and bassist Maisie Everett, ‘Monday’ becomes a snarling retort back at the authoritarian hierarchies of capitalist systems. The emphasis on repetitious lyricism helps to depict the band’s built-up aggravation; Monday rolls around the corner, and the arduous toll begins all over again and again and again.

Anxious tensions of the gravelling bass, matched with Miles Harding’s clamorous drums, tear open the track with blistering imminence. Diving in and out come the springing guitar lines, pushed through with visceral aggression and razor-edged tone.

Talking about the new single, CLAMM says, “‘Monday’ talks about the frustrations of working a job that you feel consumes your life and gives you little reward. It’s a dig at those in charge, who seem to reap all the benefits without putting in the work. It’s about recognising the inequity in certain aspects of the nation.”

‘Monday’ is released in advance of the power trio’s forthcoming album, ‘Care’. With the debut single, ‘Bit Much’, out in April, CLAMM are showing that this sophomore album will be something far darker and bolder than its critically acclaimed predecessor ‘Beseech Me’.

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