Listen: Melbourne’s Romero share new single ‘Troublemaker’

365 days of chaos are drawing to a near-reachable finale and we’re reminded that ‘Power-Pop’ really does soothe a troubled soul, and you can’t trust some folk for shit as Melbourne’s Romero share ‘Troublemaker’.

Born from the age-old narrative of another body sporting desires for your partner, ‘Troublemaker’ is every kind of buzzy bite-back that comes from a vicariously lived-through adolescence of Blondie, pleather and blue-tacked collages on the walls of college dorms. 

Defining, relatable and perfectly serendipitous, despite only having one double-A side to their name so far, Romero are distinctly alluring and ‘Troublemaker’, in all its inspired glamour is drooling-ly laden in commotion; like slathering’s of thickly smudged, iridescently-frustrated smoky-eye on the fluttering eyelids of a bedazzled rebel on the disco-floor. Undeniably cool, but never once breaking individuality.  

‘Troublemaker’ is grown-out bleached hair and hooked command. It’s sheeny modernity with all the driven motivation of a band of Naarm-mavericks who rightfully recognise their gratifying addictiveness. If you’re not on board with Romero by now then get with it.

Photo by Kaitlyn Hickey

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