Watch: Mellah spins the wheel with new single ‘Family Fun’

It’s another round of fortune as Mellah releases Family Fun.

Chasing you down through a wonderland of surrealism, Family Fun is a heart-on-your-sleeve game of societal injustice. Unlocking each subversive door towards prospects of a better future, it grabs mouthfuls of treasured opportunity whilst simultaneously addressing leaders who hide with their tails between their legs as the safety-nets around them fill with tides of harmonious consumption; leaving the rest of us by the banks, giddy for breath. 

Rhythmically controlled – like the driving tick of a vehicle gearing up to take a sharp turn at any given notice – Family Fun applauds its underdogs in bursts of chiming optimism. A wheel-of-fortune spinning satirical splendour as if Mellah rigged the winnings in favour of the off-beat, and we’re all now contestants in a much grander game of hyper-reality. This is a whole new world of alternative of which we’re in no rush to return from. 

“If there’s one thing that we carry forward from this time PLEASE let it be to remember where the value in our society is, it isn’t in Canary Wharf and big business, it’s in the faces of the people you pass every day. Stay well, stay at home, support OUR NHS”. – Mellah, ’20.