Listen: Midnight Rodeo Share Debut Single ’Now You’re Gone’

Midnight Rodeo release their debut single ’Now You’re Gone’ via Brighton’s FatCat Records.

The scuzzy single marks the psych-inspired outfit’s first foray as a unit, invoking the spongy cinematic trip of Juniore alongside the wispy surf rock of La Luz. Citing both these artists as influences, Midnight Rodeo experiment with piercing synths and sultry guitar phrasing to fabricate a crisp sound that stirs and swells as the track plays out. Addressing the futility of fleeting relationships, vocalist (and tambourine player) Maddy Chamberlain conjures ideas of chasing “lost time” before an explosive chorus bursts into motion, sweeping each instrument into a flurry that blossoms in technicolour.

The Nottingham-based six-piece showcase the power of unity on this coursing track. Embracing the rock roots of psychedelia showcased, by the slap of a tightly wound snare, and explorative soloing. ‘Now You’re Gone’ is one to listen to when the lights are dimmed, the blinds are pulled shut and the elusive Midnight Rodeo begins.

Photo by Jack Stoddart

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