Listen: Miss Tiny Share Debut Single ‘The Sound’ via Speedy Wunderground

Miss Tiny Share Debut Single ‘The Sound’ via Speedy Wunderground.

‘The Sound’ – hopefully, the first offering of many – marks the introduction of the collaborative endeavour of producer/guitarist Dan Carey and vocalist/drummer Benjamin Romans-Hopcraft.

Miss Tiny’s debut sees the pair reject a traditional recording process – something that Carey has been praised for in the past – in a self-proclaimed method of “anti-recording”, or, to “only be doing it for the pleasure of doing it”. Previously known as What It’s Like To Be A Bat, the formal establishment of the duo follows years of friendship and jam sessions, and ultimately stems from the alignment of their creative process. With the anxieties of inner-city life at the centre of this release, both their unique process and their pensive commentary exhibit the type of erudition that comes only with experience.

In a testament to its unconventional creation, ‘The Sound’ is amorphous and monotonic. Over its four minutes of nefarious lugging, it follows the lead of Romans-Hopcraft’s vocal, swinging between leaning into low register and thrown vowels. ‘The Sound’ is joined by a video from Comes With Fries, a sequence of unsettling greyscale visuals set solely on an underground carriage. Not only does the video reflect “inner-city claustrophobia”, but it throws us into the world of Miss Tiny in media res, Miss Tiny have quite literally revealed themselves to us mid-journey – they were already here, we’ve only just got on the train.

Photo by Holly Whitaker

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