Listen: Mock Media Share New Single ‘Madness’ and Announce Debut Album ‘Mock Media II’

Self-prescribed as Canada’s hottest new boy band, Mock Media gives us a taste of their debut album, Mock Media II, with ‘Madness’, which packs a real punk punch in the first half and eases us out with country pop twang in the second.

Comprised of Crack Cloud’s Garnet Aronyk, N0V3L’s Bennett Smith, Pottery’s Austin Boylan, and Painted Fruits’ Evan Aesen, the Canadian supergroup is joining forces to embark on a musical venture that promises to sonically surprise their listeners (in a good way).

To celebrate the album announcement, ‘Madness’ spotlights the quartet’s ability to effortlessly flit between 70s punk and country, adorned with harmonies akin to a 60s pop rock band—an aural representation of teetering on the edge of order and chaos. ‘Madness’ is the follow-up single to their debut, ‘Modern Visions’, which nods to the staggered strums and percussive elements we hear in the first minute and a half of the sophomore while again showing their fearless foray into genre melding and moulding. It’s an aural representation of toeing the line between order and chaos. 

When speaking about ‘Madness’, Evan Aesen says: “It’s just looking at human history, because it’s been so terrible in a lot of ways. How civilized we normally are, it just takes the drop of a coin and it can turn into something real bad. And we’re always kind of teetering on the edge of that. People in their own lives too: you can hit rock bottom pretty quickly, but you can also persevere.”

There’s something for everyone interwoven in the sonic seams of ‘Madness’—it’s  a real punk pick ‘n’ mix, which gives a strong indication of just how exciting it will sound in a live setting.

‘Madness’ is the new single from upcoming debut album ‘Mock Media II’. Released via Meat Machine on Nov 17th, you can pre order here.

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