Listen: Modern Woman Share Debut Single ‘Offerings’ via End of the Road Records

London based motley-maverick’s , Modern Woman, share their debut single ‘Offerings’- the first release on End of the Road Records.

In a universe where desire is currency, and mountains provide alchemic refuge, Modern Woman are an unquestionably contemporary, subcultural godsend. 

Utilising their distinctly wholesome mixture of explorative intuition, and homemade instruments (namely, a “battered wooden table with a metal colander nailed into it and jagged remnants of cymbals”), the “60s folk music” and “free-jazz” inspired quartet uniquely confront the barriers of genre divide to preliminary marvel. For what it’s worth, ‘Offerings’ is a cosmically-carnal obsession; pushing the boundaries of human greed to the nth degree of narrative lust.

Dancing rings of cinematic provocative, vocalist and founding member Sophie Harris howls narrative indulgences to the high heavens, like the psychotropic lovechild of PJ Harvey, and Rossetti’s ‘Proserpine’. Punkish-ly phantasmagorical, ambitiously authentic, and grotesquely stunning, in Modern Woman’s progressive nightmare, strings tighten the spirit like a corset crafted out of barometric-bone, and idiosyncratic folklore.

If Bodega were to join forces with the surrealist icon Steven F. Arnold, they wouldn’t even begin to come close to Modern Woman’s hypnagogic rhythmises. This is music to satiate the soul, and what an illicit love affair it is.

Photo by Alex Stephen Thurston