Listen: Montreal Art Punk Outfit La Sécurité Share New Single ‘Try Again’

Featuring movers and shakers from across the Montreal underground, ‘supergroup’ La Sécurité divulges second outing, ‘Try Again’.

Despite not having even played a live show, La Sécurité have already rendered the prospect mouth-watering with the vitality of their small recorded output. While debut bopper ‘Suspens’ was a motorik’ing francophonic blitz, the follow-up traverses altogether more unhinged settlements.

An elasticated, groovaholic, art-punk jerk, ‘Try Again’ reveals an itching, twitching capsule of ecstatic disturbance: an ode to the cool-ass mutancy of late 70s New York, peppered by the overstimulation of  the 2020’s information excess. Beneath lyrical non-sequiturs, stewing paranoia with euphoria, rushes of rock blast between spiky, piecemeal circulations. Bass lines jitter, amplifiers squirt, and randomized synths ‘blip-blip’ on the margins, like the crumbs of scattered consciousness. It’s stumbling into a strobed-out room, puppeted along by whatever substances your blood has unwillfully absorbed; by whichever friends you’ve trusted to hand-guide you towards a future blurry with faceless torsos, gyrating in the dry-ice fog, dressed to kill.

“Don’t try too hard. Just Pay Attention.”

Photo by Marc-Antoine Barbier

Issue Thirty-Seven is out now Ft. Porridge Radio, Crows, Folly Group, The Dinner Party, Automatic, Gently Tender, headboy and more. Buy in print here. Read the digital edition below.